How to implement app purchase in Android app?

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Implementing In app Purchase in android application

I am developing an android application in which i have to implement in app purchase so that user can have the option of buying the product free or paid? Has anyone implemented it before? If Yes,,,,Can he help me how to implement it? Thanks tushar


In-app Billing Launched on Android Market Look at this. It contains links to tutorials and additional...

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Is it necessary to submit an app to implement the in-app purchase?

We  havent yet submitted the app to the app store.. We have added the code  for In-App in our app & we actually fetch the products created in  Itunes connect via Storekit framework but when we run the app we are  getting message as "Invalid...


You need to submit your App metadata in iTunes Connect and no need of the ipa submission.. Please look...

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Is an in-app purchase a reasonable option for selling Android calendar?

I launched Total Agenda for Android - a daily planner that combines tasks and events.  Do you think it makes sense to give app for free and sell (as an in-app purchase) features like widgets, skins, additional views? In-app revenue model has proven successful...


Absolutely, look at Evernote and Dropbox. I think that in current climates, the only way to get customers...

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How to purchase android app after you've already gotten it illegally? ?

I googled and downloaded the swiftkey x keyboard without paying on the android market. But I can't update the app since I haven't made a legal purchase. Could someone please tell me how to update it or if that's not possible how to purchase it now because...


Maybe try clearing the Market cache in Settings/Applications?

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How can we implement app battery quota for android?

In every mobile OS there is energy resource conflict by multiple background apps, which lead to user complaints as user find the phone shut down when trying to make a call. How can we implement a battery quota system for background apps in android, such...


Very fast thinking out of my head, first thing I'd do (instead of re-inventing the wheel) is to take...

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What are the ways to implement virtual currency/coins/points in an android app?

I am developing a chatting kind of an android app which would require coins/points/virtual currency implementation in it. Is there any API that provides this implementation ? What is the best way to implement this functionality


OS APIs will only help you make transactions with hard money - through their proprietary store. If you...

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What is the best way to implement geo-fencing using an android app?

I would like to know different approaches to implement geo-fencing for a shopping/lifestyle application on Android. The goal is not to drain the battery by polling the location continuously. Some ideas: Since it is a shopping app, we might poll it during...


You may consider Placer's technology, generating (with a low battery SDK) rich user profiles by leveraging...

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Online Payment Gateways and Processing: IOS/Android in-app purchase : what to store?

I'm adding in my application published on Android and iPhone in-app billing. I need to keep history of transactions with my users, on both iPhone and Android. I want to keep it on my servers. What should I store in order to be able to refund, defend...


I don't have much experience with Android but on iOS you should mainly make sure you implement a receipt...

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What are good ways to implement the visual effect of Flipboard's flip in sideway direction or just flipping a page effect in Android app? Are there any simple examples available?

My app has an activity with GridView to show curated photos. As I scroll down, new photos get updated on the current activity screen. I want to replace this "scroll down" effect with "Flip" effect. Should I use Drawables/Canvas or...


For building flip animations between views for android, you should try out the wonderful android-flip...

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How do i get a refund for an app purchase on an android phone?

I just bought a mathpac college calculator, but then I found out there was a plus version with more to offer. It has full refund within 48 hours, I just got it this morning, so if you know please answer so I can get refund and get the other one. Here...


Try using this:…

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