How to connect Android app to App engine?

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How to connect android to Google App Engine - Google Groups

I have spent two days trying to decide on a way to upload and download data to the Google App Engine. Do I use REST or simple HTTP post/get? Do I use JSON or XML?

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Android and Google App Engine Connectivity? (Java Servlets, Python, etc.)

What am I missing? What I am really having trouble with is understanding how to integrate a server, in this case Google App Engine, with my app. I see there are many different "web applications" that can be deployed on GAE, but how can I access...


The best way to integrate your Android application with a web service you write on Google App Engine...

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What can you do with Google App Engine?

I am trying to implement an app with a stable back-end that I can ultimately use to host user generated content on. The problem I have found is that most places you ask questions, you get shot down with a cheesy answer such as "to broad of a topic...


GAE provides an impressive set of services that may be quite useful to quickly build up most frontend...

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Which is a better choice: Ruby on Rails, Java with Google App Engine for SaaS and Android app development?

Hello, Since I'm in the process of building an Android app on custom platform I'm in need of some advices/clarification on a few of my technical choices considering I'm building it myself. To shorten I will clarify some key segments of the platform and...


Ruby on Rails. It is very easy to learn the language and every thing you need to know will be easily...

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Can you remove "app store connect" off an android tablet and replace it with the real Android app market?

I recently bought an MID 7" ebook, for textbooks, internet access, and editing documents while at university, and I wanted to download some more apps, but I quickly discovered that the "app market" on my phone was really another website...


uhh no because that is worthless, how about u spend some money on a product that actually does something...

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What is the impact of the SAP and Google partnership for Google Apps, App Engine and Android?

Is there an opportunity for Google App Engine and Android developers to build on top of SAP? SAP and Google Form Partnership Aligning Google Apps with Business By Design SAP and Google are aligning by integrating Google...


it opens opportunities in both directions, either build apps on the app engine and use in ByD or use...

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How do I make requests from Android to a Python API deployed on Google App Engine?

I am having trouble figuring out how to implement a simple request to my deployed Python App Engine API.   I have created an app engine backend via the Google plugin available in eclipse, but I am pretty sure that it creates this backend project with...


You should follow google documentation for this . you should create client libraries  first.. follow...

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Is there a way to set up an Android Smartphone to automatically connect to a bluetooth device when that device is on and an app is open?

Here's a use case: I have a bluetooth speaker to which the phone is registered.  When I open Pandora or Spotify, IF the device is in range and on, it should use that device. Reason I'm asking is that it doesn't work that way; and I'm point this out only...


Try the Tasker app.

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When can Jawbone UP Android app connect to other training apps like Run Keeper?

I use Android phone, so at the moment no luck to pass my Run Keeper data to Jawbone UP app. anyone here know the app's development roadmap?


It already does. You can do that straight from the Jawbone UP settings. Or from runkeeper. APIs work...

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I want to create an Android mobile app with a simple registration page. Where does the data get stored in our mobile phone on connecting it to the database? How do I connect it to the database?

I  want to create an Android mobile app with a simple registration page.  Where does the data get stored in our mobile phone on connecting it to  the database? How do I connect it to the database?


It depends on how you built your app, if it is built to store the details on a database, you need to...

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