How to make a streaming website?

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How i can make live streaming on my website

I am a beginner of web programming trying to learn things. I am currently working on my own website where i am in need of live steaming for my friends and family. I have a Video Camera for capturing video. I want to get live stream on my website. I am capable to get the output on screen but i don't know how i can make my site able to live stream. My first question is whether it is possible? if yes then how i can achieve this goal. Any help regarding to my question will be appreciated highly. Thanks...


I suggest using a 3rd party streaming site like,, or since streams...

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How to make a video streaming website?

i was woundering if there is any way to make a website that could stream video non stop like a tv channel does only its on the web. so pretty much i wanna make a website where people can go and just watch a constant stream of for example music videos...


very easy you can do this most applications such as joomla,wordpress etc or just buy a script for about...

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How to make a streaming videos like in website?

i wanted to make a website similar to, how do i make the videos link and open in winamp?


In my opinion, you just need to compress the video, and upload the compressed video to your web server...

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How to make an anime streaming website?

I've searched up a bunch of tutorials, and none of them explain how to make a website like for example this one......... or something related....... It's all about other stuff that I know won't help me, if someone will be...


First of all you need to apply for a license/approval so you can broadcast those anime shows on your...

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Hi, Your project seems exciting. I also have a passion for independent movies and would like to see...

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AJAX might be something you want to look into.

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How can I make a streaming webcam?

I would like to make a full motion, live streaming webcam on my website, One like this I have found webcam software for the PC, but how do I present it on a website?


Hi! Thanks for the question. I have found the following articles, which shows you how to setup a video...

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Is there a website that lists what streaming service has what shows?

Is there a website where I can type in a show name like "Breaking Bad", "Alphas", "Doctor Who Season 5" or others and it will return me a table showing what services carry these shows? We now have a choice of Amazon Streaming...


There is. does exactly what you want.

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Streaming from RSS Podcasts via Twitter

I want to promote a podcast by auto-posting to social media using the RSS feed. However, the links that post go to my website and not to the individual podcasts. What can I do to make this work? I have an RSS feed of a weekly podcast. I am a co-host...


You might find a solution in Yahoo! Pipes. You'll have to build it yourself but it's not that hard if...

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Personal website

Thanks to a lead from a question I posted on this mefi thread, I finally found the contraption I was looking for to help disabled people go hiking. It turns out the device, referred to as The Trailrider, has been around for some time. Finding it came...


You could ask for volunteers at

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