How to manage android service?

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Manage my Android devices - Google Apps Help

There are two ways to remotely manage your Android device: If the device has the Google Apps Device Policy app installed, ... Terms of Service ...

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How does Parse manage sending notifications for Android devices?

How does Parse manage sending notifications for Android devices? Parse blog says: "Our system isn’t dependent on C2DM, so it works on Android 1.5, 1.6, and 2.1, and doesn’t require a user to have an active Google account...


At Parse, we decided to build our own push notification service so we could support older clients, people...

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Where is the nearest Android tower to St. Croix Falls, WI and will I get good service?

I live just north of St. Croix Falls, WI and I'm thinking of getting an Android powered phone from AT&T goPhone. My friend purchased an Android powered phone from Straight Talk and she lives a little south of the town and didn't get any service with...


Don't worry too much about finding towers. Look at detailed coverage maps for your area that correspond...

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Which Android Device to buy for app dev (no phone service needed)?

I already have an iPhone with phone service, but I want an Android for testing HTML/CSS/JS/Phonegap apps I'm building. Is there a way to get an android without phone service? Which one would you recommend.


I got an HTC Hero from eBay for lower-resolution/spec development and I use my HTC Desire (with phone...

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Uber (company): In early days of their launch, how did Uber manage to market their service to both drivers/partners and users/riders?

I am asking this question because, in order for Uber like services to be successful they should have both riders and drivers. If you have a lot of riders but very few drivers, your riders are going to stop using it. If the riders stop using it , drivers...


Well taxis are always waiting for drivers, so an option to get more drivers is a no brainer and a lot...

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In Scrum, how can I efficiently manage my product backlog if I need to develop both Android and iOS apps with the same features?

In our situation, we're working on a system which include: - 1 back-end server - 1 portal - 1 client app for Android which have 50+ user stories. - 1 client app for Ios which should have the same features as Android. Reach 20% of the android version...


I agree with Murray's answer: "When a story requires changes to the admin portal, the iOS app and...

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Hi Aaron, and welcome to Yahoo!Answers: Since this is your first day here on Y!A, keep in mind that...

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Does Amazon Android app store provide an in-app billing service?

If a freemium app is to be sold via the Amazon Android appstore ? What SDK's does Amazon provide or are developers expected to create their own mechanism. The Android Market in-app billing doesn't seem to be applicable to apps sold on Amazon Android...


Each store's IAP solution only works with that store.  However, the code can exist within the same APK...

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Backbone uk offers cloud to cloud integration services

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I am launching a local service that would manage the online presence of local businesses such as pizza places, Chinese restaurants, and other fast food. How can I contact these business besides cold calling?

I have called a few places with my "pitch" beginning like this. "Hi, may I speak to a manager/the owner? Hi, my name is xx and I am the owner of xx which is a Marketing company based in your town, your state. I was wondering if you were...


You know what you should try? Direct mailing. When I say that, I don't mean envelopes with address labels...

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