How to keep an Android Service running?

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Keep running android service continuously

How to keep running my android service if my app is not running ?


Just dont call stopSelf(); inside service or context.stopService(new Intent(context, YourService.class...

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I was on the Mobile team working on the first version of the Facebook for Android application, among...

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Why does the Android OS keep on closing running background apps?

I have nexus 4 rooted running stock android 4.4.4. i have only 5 application running in background they are facebook,whatsapp, everycover, bettery boctor and power toggles. My problem is that android os keeps on shutting down everycover, bettery boctor...


Rule No1. Android can kill any app which is in background Why ? Well its to save the battery drain which...

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I keep getting error message "Print spooler service is not running", help?

I keep getting error message "Print spooler service is not running", help? My printer used to work on the same computer before but recently that error message keeps popping up. I've tried many solutions I've found but it still won't work. I...


Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services single click on Print...

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Norman coordinate. Maybe it is not programmed to respond to your voice command.

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Android Update Infrastructure

I'm thinking about replacing my current mobile phone with an Android device and I'm having a hard time understanding how the Android update / security patch infrastructure for the core system is supposed to work. I understand how this works on, let's...


I don't have specific references off the top of my head here...feel free to skip my post if those are...

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I have four questions about Android security - can anyone help me?

1. With Android devices, do both the OS AND the web browser--whichever web browser the user is using--need to be kept up-to-date to protect against web-based exploits, or is that accomplished solely by keeping the web browser up-to-date? My reason for...


Is Security dependent on Android version and manufacturer software maintenance? Yes. I'm sure you wouldn...

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New Neighbourhood Computer Service and Support Business

Computer Service Business Pricing? I am contemplating starting a computer maintenance and support service from my home. My target customer is the home PC user who doesn't know much about computers, doesn't perform routine maintenance, and panics at...


Dear pc_doctor: Thank you for your question. I have put recommendationa and comments beneath each item...

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I want to start biking or running to work. Tomorrow.

New job (yay!) is 45-60 minutes away (boo!). On the plus side, the actual distance isn't far which has me thinking more seriously about biking and/or running to work. Factors make tomorrow a good day to start. How to get from here to there? My new job...


If you're a bike or running commuter, what did you wish you knew before you first hit the road? I wish...

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Anything to keep in mind about buying a number of different Android devices for development testing?

I was going to go on eBay or whatnot and buy 3-5 of the top Android phones for our test lab. I'll get unlocked phones..will this be enough? Can we use them to test and get to the Android Marketplace without service plans? To test against 3G and 4G service...


You might be better off with using some of the testsolutions avaiable. Bitbar ( just...

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