How to check whether a cell in a DataGridView is changed or not?

Let’s learn how to check whether a cell in a DataGridView is changed or not. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Stack Overflow.

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DataGridView & BindingList : How to check if cell value has changed?

I've got datagridview with DataSource set to myBindingList. Items of list implement INotifyPropertyChanged so datagridview automatically responds to changes in the list. Now I have to calculate some summaries of datagridview columns. It should be done when: datasource changes(OnDataSourceChanged) cell value changes(OnCellValueChanged) First one is clear, but I've got a small problem with the second one. OnCellValueChanged fires when the user changes value of cell by control or on: myDataGridView...


This closest I can think of to solves this is to use a BindingSource as the datasource and then within...

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Who really owns your cell phone number?

My former employer won't release my personal cell phone number. Last week, I was laid off as part of a restructuring at my company. My email access was turned off immediately (no surprise), and on Monday, my cell phone access was turned off as well ...


I deal with this at work. If the company paid for the mobile phone account, they own the number. We...

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Guy bought laptop from me with invalid check, scam?

He bought the laptop and wrote me a wachovia check. When I went to deposit the check into my checking account, they told me his account was on hold and I couldn't have MY MONEY! The laptop was sold to him for $500. Then I went to his address (the one...


Just to add to the info you've already been given - small claims court will get you a judgment but not...

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I changed phones, how do I check my old voicemail?

I changed cell phones from a droid to a iPhone but still have the same number and I REALLY need to check my old voicemails. Is there any way to retrieve them?


Your voicemail should stay the same if you have the same number and carrier.

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I have WiFi problem on my cell phone........... ?

When I start browsing the internet on my cell phone using WiFi it says check wep key settings .....I recently changed my wireless LAN's password. But I changed it in the phone but still,,,, HeLp>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Did you try restarting your phone? Or try removing that wifi setting completely and then re-do it.

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Please help how should i ask for my teachers cell phone number via email please help and ill return the favor?

I been close to my 63 year old English teacher since last year we'll I recently changed schools but we are in the same school district we email each other from her work email she does not have a personal email but I want to talk to her more then having...


just say "i havent been able to get around to my emails as much, im more on the go with my phone...

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Excel, make x number of copie of sets of sheets based on numeric value in cell

I have two questions that are linked: 1)I have a workbook with 16 sheets each has a unique name. The first sheet is used for entering values that control macros which perform functions on the other sheets such as hiding rows in another of the sheets...


The first bit seems to be reasonably simple, as you have stated that manually it works ¨C so recording...

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How do we know that we are still ourselves if every cell in us has changed?

I recently remembered this scientific theory from a textbook that our cells will be replaced with new ones, so I decided to check on this theory and found this website more


Because the Human Brain, by some means which we don't yet have any explanation whatsoever for, gives...

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Type 2 diabetic.. ive had a high white blood cell count for 6 months now.. what could it be?

back in feb i found out i was type 2 diabetic. im doing good with the diabeties. ive lost 16 pounds and ive changed my eating and try to be more active. my a1c was 5.9. i dont think i have any problems there. for 6 months now ive had a very high white...



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How can I get people to answer my cell phone question?

I have Cingular Wireless (locked in for another year and a half). A few months ago, I noticed that my computer speakers went nuts with interference seconds before my phone rang. I changed cell phones, but it just got worse. I have experienced this strange...


Nothing. When your phone goes of, it's the GSM radio waves and they cause interferance with the electromagenetic...

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