How to get a host name?

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WCF: How to get Host IP or Server Name

I have a WCF service that is hosted via IIS on multiple web servers. I have a logging method that logs the calls to the database and I'd like to log which server the call is executing on. Does anyone know how to get the host server name or IP address that the WCF call is executing on?


This is what worked for us. Make sure you have a reference to System.ServiceModel. Then implement the...

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Website help, I own a domain name, but don't know how to get someone to host it.?

I'm starting up a small business with my dad, I have no clue how to connect the domain name he owns with a host. Does anyone know the process of getting it published into a website, help would be greatly appreciated :)


Hosting Info: Free dns services to the internet community: Web Hosting Jury...

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I have a domain name and a host. How do I get my website online?

I have a website. It is stored on the free space my college gives me. It is I registered the domain so that it can be shown there. I can't figure out how to get my website online. Please help me! Thanks...


Now, you using the site space is sharing from folder name is /files and your page at URL njm...

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How can I get a free domain name that I can host myself?

I have a hosting account with Brainhost & I want to add a new domain. Is there any way to register a free domain name without getting hosting with it?


There is no free domain name. However, there are free subdomains given when you want to host your sites...

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Where do printer host names come that usually get entered into port name or ip address in devices and printers?

Usually when I install a network printer I set it up static (outside the dhcp range of my router.) then I go into device and printers (windows 7) I add a port of the ip address I assigned the printer and it works. The other day I was setting up my mothers...


Host names are a static setting within the printer itself, software does not by itself configure a Host...

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Best Place to host a website/get own domain name!?

I am going to build a website, now that i know php, java, html and xml But I a place where I can host this website, is there any great providers that you guys know of I might need at least 15GB storage, as I will have picture, video, and music on my...


You can check review of top ten web hosts below.

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I need to get a good host,domain name and web for my small business..any suggestions please?

Hello, I am looking for a good host and domain name for my small business.. I just started on my own. I own a small cleaning residential services and I would love to have a website more


Your best bet is Hostgator, who allow you multiple domains on a shared account, plus offers you Web...

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There are a number of websites that claim to get you a free ip phone host name. Check out software.informer...

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Barefoot Contessa was the name of her gourmet food store, where she started her culinary career!

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How do I get a website, host and domain name? I use a mac.?

Do they all have to be provided by the same company? Also, I do not have Dreamweaver, so is there some other application I can use. I also want to use templates. Thank you


I suggest you check My Webbie Hosting's Business Plan. It includes 15 G disk space, 300 G bandwidth...

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