How to get textbox by name?

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Get TextBox By Name - Access

I'm facing the following pbm. Question : I would to know the method to call the .value of textboxes/comboboxes by a String. Example : If InputLibelle.Value <> Me!SubStockEdit!DSLibelle.Value Then I want to compare the value of ItemName TextBox (Input + ItemName) and value of another Textbox in Subform Datasheet (SubStockEdit!DS + ItemName) multiple times. Code attempt : Dim TableColumnNames() As String TableColumnNames = Split("Poids, Dimension1, Dimension2, Dimension3, Description...


That would be: Dim TableColumnNames() As String TableColumnNames = Split("Poids, Dimension1, Dimension...

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How would i make a button redirect to the desired page that the user inserted there link into the textbox?

So what i want to do is have a textbox and a button, i want the Textbox to be able to save the url the user inputs in the textbox, then i want to get the Link Button to redirect to a blank webpage containing the url they imputed in the textbox with the...


There is no way to do so for the textbox like this... Sorry about that.... Good luck!

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What is the correct code for selecting an item from the combobox to display in textbox for Visual Studio 2005?

I know it is a "Select case" code. I want to select something in a combobox and the information would show up in the textbox. I used it in VB6 I can not get it to work in Visual Studio 2005. Is this code below correct because it does not work...


This will work, Select Case DirectCast(sender, _ comboBox).SelectedItem.ToString notice that "...

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How to get the Index of the selected item in a listbox in Visual basic .net?

I need a way to get the index (NOT the name) of the selected item in a listbox and display it in a textbox. Any ideas?


textbox1.text = listbox1.SelectedIndex

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How to get this domain name?

I'm looking for advice on procuring a specific domain name. (I know this is a popular topic in Ask, so apologies if it's been covered and I've missed it. I've searched through previous questions and can't find what I'm looking for.) I want the .com corresponding...


Have you done a whois look up? If they don't have a privacy service, that will give you the contact...

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How did you get your name?(:?

how did you get your name? like how did your mom come up with it? my mom got my name because it short and simple.. she said she didnt want me to have a long name like hers. she didn't know what to give me as middle name, so grandma said it should be...


My mom just really liked my name (Lauren Elizabeth). BQ: Overall it's cute, but I dislike the spelling...

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How do u get the hearts around ur profile name ???

How do u get hearts around ur profile name ??? Example : ♥M&M's♥ How do u get those hearts around the name the only reason i could even show u the example is because i cut and pasted the name so yeh .... But anywy my question is how...


Put & h e a r t s ; Without the spaces. :] And you can find how to put the musical notes, along...

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How do you get your real name to appear above your yahoo name in the Yahoo Groups?

When I'm on the yahoo speedsolvingrubikscube group some people have their full name shown on the right above their yahoo group name. How do I get my account to show that? See look:… Look at a few of the...


If you are posting messages by email, the "real name" comes from your email program and shows...

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How do i get my real name off of the top of yahoo messenger so just my sign in name will be seen by people who

the top of messenger is my real name i dont want it there and when i send messages i dont want my real name on the address when i instant message some one it shows my real name and not my sign in name help me get it off the top of my messenger pad and...


For Yahoo! mail regular: click "options" (top right) on your mail page, click "general...

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How can i get my last name to be my mother maiden name and my fathers last name.?

I want it so i have two last names. The thing is i had my mom maiden name but then my mom got married to this guy who they say adopted me so i am like his kid, So i guezz after he adopted me they "ASKED" me if i wanted his name, they say I...



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